About + Questions

My name is Kaiser, this is my super-lazy portfolio. I’m a software design consultant and illustrator working in Boston. I enjoy making things, good beer, nerd stuff, warhammer, bats, and girls. If you’re here it’s probably because I gave you my card, or perhaps you’re here merely by grevious error in which case there are probably better things you could be doing with your time.

Are you looking for work / willing to do commissions?

Not at the moment, unless you're particularly convincing. I can, however, refer you to any one of my very talented friends.

Then why are you advertising your work?

Because people ask me for my card and handing them one is better than mumbling and drooling until they go away. I’m also keen on collaboration work and connecting with my peers. I might not be able to do what you need, but I probably know someone who does and would be happy to refer you.

But I’d really like a quick portrait of myself / my SO / my dog.

I’ll do it for free if you buy me a drink and keep me company while I work, in person. I value my time and the company of others over a couple dollars for a quick portrait. If you don’t live nearby Boston, I go to several conventions yearly. Don't be afraid to ask where I'll be next.

Would you like to do an art / prop trade?

Probably! If I have the time for it!

I have a question / would like to talk to you / want to know how to...

I’m happy to help / direct you to resources.

I’m a girl who likes nerd stuff, girls, and lives in your hemisphere.

(σ゚∀゚)σ Contact me!

I can be reached at peachpunked (at) gmail.com